Anorexic diet plan

As soon as a person acknowledges that they have an eating disorder, crisis management becomes easier to accomplish. The main thing that needs to be attended to is having the anorexic patient gain weight. In order to facilitate weight gain, the person should gradually eat more calories each day. Focusing on meals that have high protein content will help to regain strong muscles and bones. The rebuilding of muscle and bone will also result in weight gain. Make sure that the eating plan is balanced and includes supplements to provide any possible missing vitamins. Vitamin B is an especially important one. Also reduce any exercise activities to 30 minutes or less per day.

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits: A great low calorie way to consume lots of minerals and vitamins is to eat fresh vegetables and fruit. An eating plan that contains lots of fruits and veggies will ensure that the individual will be able to eat enough food to be full, but not feel that they are gaining weight. The vitamins and minerals contained in fruits and vegetables will aid weight gain in other ways by providing the nutrients the body needs to repair itself. The best thing about eating this way is that it rejuvenates the digestive system after it has suffered through very bad dieting habits. Potatoes can make a person feel very full or like they have eaten too much. If this is a problem, do not include potatoes in the eating plan.

Protein: The body uses protein to build itself. For this reason, a recovering anorexic will require more of it. Lean proteins like chicken breasts or tenderloin are good because they don’t contain as much fat. It is best to cook protein rich food in ways that do not increase the fat content too much. Grilling or broiling meat are two great ways to avoid excess fat. Muscle repair relies heavily on protein intake. If it helps, mention that the protein is lean and low fat.

Carbohydrates and Fiber: Although some dietary fiber is required for healthy bowel movements, it is best to avoid giving an anorexic person too much fiber since it may lead to bowel issues such as constipation. A good way to include fiber in the eating plan is with whole grains, fresh salads full of leafy greens and almost all vegetables. Carbohydrates are another necessary part of the eating plan. Most anorexics have convinced themselves that carbohydrates are bad, even though it is not true. The body relies on a certain amount of carbohydrates for energy to keep us moving. In order to meet the daily need for carbohydrates, be sure to include whole grains that are unprocessed or have only been slightly processed. Such whole grains are ground oats and brown rice. Adding these to the eating plan will sustain the body and help to repair the digestive system.

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