Canker sore on tonsil

Before we actually get into what actually makes canker sores appear on your tonsils, we need to define what canker sores are. Canker sores are little sores that are not contagious and are not caused by a bacterial infection. To put it another way, they are not caused by viruses or any kind of disease. When a person gets a canker sore on their tonsil, the resulting pain is among the worst kinds of pain that a person can endure. A great deal of pain and stinging is caused every time the individual swallows. You may be wondering what causes this condition since it is not related to any disease. Many times, canker sores are created as a result of allergic reactions to particular foods, medicines or even toothpaste. They can also sometimes be caused by eating a hard food that irritates the soft tissues of the mouth and tonsils. Once someone has a canker sore, it is hard to determine exactly what caused it. The reasons they appear differ from one person to the next.

How to Treat Canker Sores on the Tonsil

The first thing you must do when you see a doctor to treat the canker sores on your tonsil is to realize that there is no one medication that will cure the condition. Since the things that trigger canker sores differ from one person to the next, the method of treatment will vary as well. You can do the following things to help avoid or get rid of canker sores on your tonsils.

  • People who frequently get canker sores should maintain a food journal and write down all the food they eat. Pay attention to the foods you eat right before the canker sores appear. If you notice that canker sores always appear after you eat a certain food, you will need to start avoiding that food item.
  • Those who tend to get canker sores on their tonsils will need to make sure that they only use toothpaste that do not have sodium lauryl sulfate in them. This ingredient is used in some brands of toothpaste as a foaming agent. It has been proven to be a frequent cause of canker sores on the tonsils and in the mouth.
  • Some medications, such as gargling agents, can lessen the pain and other symptoms from canker sores. These products also clear the mouth and throat of germs, which aids the healing process.
  • What you eat is important when it comes to canker sores. Eating foods that have Lactobacillus acidophilus in them will lower the intensity of the burning pain caused by canker sores. It is also a good idea to stay away from spicy food, since it can make the pain worse.
  • Zinc lozenges are a simple and effective way to soothe canker sore pain and speed up the healing. Zinc possesses somewhat of an antibiotic effect that kills bacteria around the sore.
  • Some brands of mouthwash have antibacterial agents in them. Using them to gargle with regularly is a quick way to get rid of canker sores. A great home remedy for canker sores is to use salt water to gargle with.
  • There are some topical products such as glycerin or anesthetic ointments available that can soothe canker sores. You simply put them on the sore to reduce pain.

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