Cyst on scalp

One of the more frequent scalp problems that can interfere with ordinary hair growth is known as sebaceous cysts, which is a cyst on scalp. These are comparable to pimples, and they appear as prominent bumps on the scalp. Although cysts usually appear on the face or back, they may also materialize on the scalp. Generally, cysts on scalp will prove to be quite harmless, and could remain on the scalp for years without generating a feeling of pain or discomfort. An individual can feel the protrusions when running the hands or fingers over the scalp.


The existence of a large quantity of cysts can cause the scalp to have a bad odor. What causes these protrusions to develop on the scalp? Experts say that poor hair care is the most common contributing factor to cysts on scalp. It has also been determined that obstruction of hair follicle from dirt can prompt the development of cysts on scalp. An inflammation of the hair follicle may also be responsible for the development of cysts on scalp.

Commonly referred to as pilar cyst, the part of the head affected with cysts, may cause moderate hair loss; however, in most situations, bald spots rarely develop. As mentioned earlier, cysts are generally painless bumps, but their existence can cause itchiness and a feeling of discomfort on the scalp. An individual suffering from cysts on scalp will find it difficult to resist scratching the scalp repeatedly. The itchiness and discomfort associated with the development of cysts on scalp can be extremely annoying and can detract from the individual’s level of concentration, effecting job performance.

Usually, cysts on scalp are miniscule, and are therefore ignored. The development of a large cyst on scalp is rare. The cysts grow at a very slow rate and often go unnoticed; however, cysts that develop on people with excessive baldness will be exposed. This can cause embarrassment, but there are a variety of treatments available that will eliminate these bumps in a timely manner.


As mentioned earlier, this skin condition can be extremely itchy and uncomfortable. Oftentimes, these bumps on scalp may disappear without receiving any medical attention within a week or two; however, individuals that are in a rush to get rid of these cysts can apply the following treatments:

To eliminate cyst on scalp, there are hair products available such as shampoos and gels specifically formulated for cyst removal. Shampoos that contain herbal supplements have been known to be effective to treat cyst on scalp issues.

Prescription medication, a warm compress, or other form of heat therapy can also be beneficial to aid in eliminating these cysts on scalp.

A surgical procedure to remove the cyst is also an alternative. This is the final approach to doing away with cyst on scalp and is only performed if the cyst is causing excessive pain or it has become infected by a bacterial infection. Depending on the number and size of the cysts, the physician could possibly take 10 to 15 minutes to completely free the scalp of the existing cysts.

Remember that popping or squeezing the cyst won’t solve the problem and will only cause a secondary infection. Additionally, you should schedule an appointment with a physician before attempting to drain the cyst on scalp, and you shouldn’t attempt it on your own. A physician will be able to carry out a removal of cyst on scalp without generating additional problems.

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