Eye color meaning

A person’s eye color can say a lot about them when we look at what each eye color means. However, it is more about the inherited genetics we have. Each individuals personality will differ from one person to the next so it isn’t simply all about one’s eye color. While there may be some truth behind eye color meanings and their effect on a person’s personality to some degree, it’s our own nature that will play a larger role in this.

You will find in the chart below some explanations regarding a few of the most common natural colors of the eye. You will also see some rather rare colors for the eye, but these are included because they do occur naturally. There are experts who have stated that those with darker eyes are usually more outgoing in their personality as opposed to those with light eyes. Our social activities and exposure are really what determines our personality traits more than physical characteristics though.

Note: Formal research has not been done that can prove certain personality traits are associated with specific eye colors. What you will see below are merely observations that have been noted over time. These have been compiled so that you can easily see the answers to your questions regarding the meaning of eye colors.

Brown – Said to be linked to the earth: Some of the traits of people with brown eyes are courage, creativity, energy, fertility, and endurance. Brown eyed individuals are said to be very grounded. They are not easily drawn by materialistic tendencies or desires. They have an affinity to nature, feeling close to it, and performing best when they are working in balance with nature. However, they are also very strong and independent.

Hazel – Those with hazel eyes are said to carry the traits of independence and courage. They show an ability to be able to heal themselves. They also share empathy and sensitivity towards those around them. They can be very passionate and energetic.

Green – Some of the traits associated with green eyes are youth, innocence, good health, life force, freshness, and vegetation. Green has been linked to the ability to heal. It is believed that green eyed people are quite spiritual in nature but it does not necessarily mean they are very religious. Green eyed people are said to be vibrant, compassionate people with very creative tendencies.

Blue – Blue eyes are linked to the energies of the sun and sky. The color represents direct conscious thoughts. It has long been believed that the color blue is linked to the gift of clairvoyance. It is said those with blue eyes have the ability to see into the future and past, and to receive visions. People with blue eyes are thought to be assertive and direct. They have a very keen sense of observation and perception, and are full of life.

Gray – Gray eyes are connected to the weather, change, water, mystery, and wisdom. Those with gray eyes are said to show a deep inner strength that cannot be bent or broken by the outside world. They are also said to be deep thinkers and very sensitive in nature. They also have an ability to shape their surroundings to fit their needs.

Black – Black eyes are known to be linked to mystery, the darkness of the night, secrets, worship, and are bewitching and sexual. Not many people have black eyes, even though it has been said to be a common color. A black eyed individual is thought to be a sensual creature and quite secretive. They tend to keep their personal life and their secrets to themselves, rather than share them with others. By drawing upon their inner energy, they are said to have the ability to develop psychic skills. When they feel there is something that needs to be done, they will not rest until it is complete. They are said to be optimistic and know just how to prove their worth to those around them.

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