Head hurts when i cough

A headache that starts after laughing, coughing, or crying will not last long and will likely only be seconds to minutes. The headache may repeat with a throbbing sensation for a few seconds if the coughing or other activity resumes. The typical sensation is that of a splitting or bursting headache, often accompanied by a feeling of extreme pressure. A common description is that of a hammer striking from inside the head. After this first, acute phase, the headache fades to dull pain and heaviness, often in the back of the head. Read more about headache behind the eyes.

These sorts of cough headaches can be relatively serious.

The most common cause of these headaches is a malformed skull or a certain part of the brain which protrudes into the base of the skull. This can lead to persistent headaches. To correct this structural malformation, medical intervention may be needed.

Causes of Coughing That May Induce Headaches

-Regular smokers may have chronic bronchitis, an inflammation of part of the lungs. Headaches caused by coughs occur often among this group.

-Dry coughing and irritated throats may be caused by an allergic reaction to grains of pollen, dust, smoke, or fumes from chemicals.

-Dryness of the upper throat and coughing can also be caused by changes in the weather, particularly those associated with dry weather.

-Coughing can also be caused by asthma.

-An inflamed larynx or pharynx caused by vocal overuse, infections (bacterial or viral), or environmental pollution can lead to coughing and cough-induced headaches.

-Headaches are common when a dry cough is combined with difficulty getting rid of built-up mucus.

-Short-term intracranial pressure can be created by sinusitus and felt often when your head is bent forward or during coughing.

Home Remedies for Coughing

The first thing anyone wants to do when faced with a coughing-induced headache is to reduce the cough or remove anything that has triggered the cough. Once either of those happen, the headache can be expected to subside.

-A traditional home remedy for coughs and cough-induced headaches consists of salt, lemon, and black pepper. Take half a lemon, fill it with salt and black pepper, and suck on it.

-Another effective remedy for dry coughs is a combination of white pepper and honey. The honey will smooth any irritations in the throat. It is also useful as an antibacterial agent. White pepper can also act as a cough suppressant.

-Dry coughs can be relieved by eating grapes, especially if the grapes are eaten for several days in a row.

-Coughs can also be alleviated by adding garlic to meals.

-A good way of relieving coughs is a mixture of grape juice and honey taken twice or three times per day.

-If the problem comes from a swollen larynx, gargling salt water may provide comfort.

-Coughing bouts can be immediately relieved by mixing a tablespoon of lemon juice and a medium-sized onion in a cup of boiling water. Add enough honey to sweeten the mixture and drink it twice to three times a day.

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